Vintage Camel Pullover Sweater | Women's High Street Style Fashion
Women's Camel Pullover Sweater With Cute Pattern, Long Sleeve and V-neck
Camel Pullover Women's Sweater with long sleeves and V-neck
Women's Stylish Pullover Sweater with long Sleeves and V-neck
Women's V-neck Sweater with long Sleeves and Camel Color Sweatshirt
Women's Camel Sweater Vintage Pullover With Long Sleeves and V-neck
Women's Vintage Camel Pullover Sweater With Long sleeves and v-neck

Vintage Camel | Pullover Sweater

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If you want to make a great fall fashion styling choice.

This vintage camel pullover sweater will complete your fall outfit.

With beautiful accenting colors and bold pattern, this pullover camel sweater will add definition to any fall outfit.

Style this sweater with a black skirt or a nice pair of black high waisted jeans.

Make a bold statement this fall!

Get this sweater today!

All measurements are in cm. (cm/2.54=inches)

Size Small Medium
Bust 86-90 90-94
Waist 66-69 70-73
Sleeve Width 35 36
Sleeve Length 51 52
Cuff Opening 18 19
Hem 90 91
Length 66 67

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