Women's Short Casual Coat | Suede Jacket Green Black or Beige
Green Suede Jacket Women's Short Coat Street Style Fashion Jacket
Short Casual Coat Suede Jacket for Women With Ribbed Shoulder Stylish Fall Jacket
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Women's Suede Short Coat with Ribbed shoulder. Turn down Collar Jacket
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Women's Suede Jacket Sleeve with Zipper Short Coat
Suede Leather Coat Women's Short Coat with Ribbed Shoulder
Short Coat Casual Suede Jacket with Ribbed Shoulders and Clasp Detailing
Suede Leather Jacket Short Coat for Women
Suede Leather Coat Short Women's Jacket
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Green Suede Jacket Women's short Coat
Black Suede Short Coat Women's Jacket with Ribbed Shoulders

Short Casual Coat | Suede Jacket

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If you're looking for a short casual coat but still want an outfit that has style, this  Suede Jacket is perfect!

Featuring suede leather with ribbed shoulders, a turndown collar, side button clasps, and cute zipper detailing this jacket can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Turn an average outfit like blue jeans into a high-end look by adding a pair of heels or pair with some color coordinated leggings and cute boots.

Draw attention to yourself in this beautiful street style short coat!

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All measurements are in cm.

Body Chart

 Size Bust Waist Hem Length
Small 92 84 92 52
Medium 96 88 96 53
Large 100 92 100 54

Sleeve Chart

Size Shoulder Sleeve Length Sleeve Opening
Small 37 22.5 58
Medium 38 23.5 59
Large 39 24.5 60

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