Oversized Turtleneck Camel Poncho Cape Sweater | High Street Style
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Oversized Turtleneck Camel | Poncho Cape Sweater

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Cute Oversized Turtleneck Poncho Sweater that is great for styling in the fall and winter. 

You can enjoy the comfort and coziness of being completely wrapped up in a poncho sweater without sleeves or you can enjoy the functionality of armholes that when used, create the look of a batwing sleeve poncho.

Women's camel turtleneck made of a soft computer knit acrylic.

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All measurements are in cm.

Bust Waist Collar Height Collar Circum Hem Length
82-98 62-77 20 40 95 66

Suggested U.S size: 0-12

Suggested U.K and AUS size: 6-12

Suggested EU size: 32-42

Customer Reviews

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An Incredible sweater! I am in a wild! As always, quality good, in one color and size oversayz perfect sat on the parameters of 86-68-94. Never ordered such models, but I'm glad that tried. Very beautiful sweater! I AM happy. Delivery within 2 weeks. # Simpleelady


This Product is very pretty! It arrived within two weeks. The quality is great.