How to Style a Little Black Dress | Spice Up Little Black Dress 2019

How to Style a Little Black Dress | Spice Up Your Little Black Dress

How to Style a Little Black Dress
Are you looking to wear your little black dress out to a classy event or a special occasion? While this outfit may seem straight forward, there are many things you can do to spice up your little black dress. Learn below how to get a perfect look and accessorize with the best of them.

1. The Dress

You're going to want to take into consideration the dress you are wearing. Does it have any highlights, accents or detailing? The more simple the dress, the more you want to add bolder accessories for accents and highlights. While with a more detail oriented little black dress like one with cutouts, ruffles or glimmer it is better to let the dress draw the attention!
If you're looking for a little black dress here's one for you.

2. Jewelry

Once you have chosen your little black dress it's time to add some jewelry. There are necklaces, earrings, watches and bracelets to choose from. 
For a necklace, you may want one with stones for accenting texture or you may want a shiny one to highlight your neckline.
Your earrings will be either small for an elegant and classy look or large and bold for a confident and glamorous look. If your little black dress has ruffles it's the perfect time for drop earrings.

The watch you choose should have contrasting colors, so go dark if you can. Light or even soft colored watches will work great if your little black dress has some glimmer detailing.

Be creative with your choice of a bracelet, don't be afraid to get bold. A big bracelet makes a nice contrast to a form-fitting little black dress.

3. Bag

Next, you will choose the bag, it's important to keep in mind the evening you have ahead of you. Pick one that you like and make sure you're going to be comfortable.

A crossbody bag is the most stylish and provides an easy means of carrying your limited possessions.

A clutch is perfect for clubs, late nights or when you're only going to be needing money and your phone. Having to carry a clutch around all night can be annoying so unless you're going to be staying in one place all night, better to leave it at home.

If you plan on bringing makeup with you, a handbag is your best choice. Choose one that goes with your little black dress and try to pick one that is just the right size.

4. Shoes

Now you need to pick your shoes. They will help set the tone of the occasion and contribute to your first impression.

High heels in combination with a clutch will give you a sexier and more glam look.

Flats will offer you a casual look. They are also more comfortable for longer nights, or if you intend to dance a lot. Flats paired with a crossbody bag and your little black dress will set a  more casual tone.

Boots, especially high boots are a great styling choice. They express your personality and can add a great contrasting texture to your little black dress outfit, particularly if you choose suede ones.

Sneakers generally don't go with a little black dress. You should stay away from them unless you are confident you can pull it off. Sometimes with the right dress and on the right occasion sneakers can work.

5. Outerwear

If the weather permits you to cover up, choose an appropriate jacket, sweater or cardigan to match the occasion and your outfit.

In most cases a pullover sweater or hoodie just isn't going to do it, after all, the highlight of the night is your little black dress!

Choose a jacket, like our teddy coat or a cardigan if it is going to be cold out. Choose something with a hood if it is going to rain. Don't choose colors that conflict with your outfit.

If you want to find the right jacket for you here are some ideas.

Teddy Coat

Faux Fur Fuzzy Jacket

Suede Trench Coat

Slim Hooded Windproof Jacket

Gray Hooded Trench Coat

6. Last Touches

Your makeup and outfit should compliment each other. You may decide that you want another accessory to complete your little black dress outfit. Make sure everything matches.

A scarf makes a great casual look, choose a lightweight one to be a little sexier.

If you're going for classy and elegant choose a shawl. If you haven't worn one before, they can make you feel like a princess.

pashmina is a good choice if your little black dress has shoulder straps for an added touch of style.

When you style your little black dress you need to keep it clean and nice. Too many accessories can be heavy and overwhelming to look at. If you're ever unsure if two accessories go together just remember less is more. Have fun styling and I hope you got some inspiration!

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