What are the Different Types of Swimsuit and Bikini Styles?

What are the Different Types of Swimsuit and Bikini Styles?

There are 21 different types of swimsuits and bikini styles that are featured in this post. I am going to explain and display the different types of swimsuits, so we can all quickly and easily identify the variety of swimwear, and get the swimwear that will meet our needs for summer 2018.

The One-Piece - Continually changing and becoming more and more popular each year as a large variety of unique designs are being released constantly.

A one-piece swimsuit consists of one piece of fabric that covers both your bust and your waist. Classic Bae Watch One-piece.

Bae Watch One-piece Swimsuit Red

The BikiniThe basis of most women's bathing suits the bikini has become the most popular swimsuit. Although they come in a large variety of unique shapes and designs, a standard and its subsidiaries will feature a triangle top that may or may not tie around the back and/or the neck with bottoms that also may or may not tie on the side.

We will explore more in-depth the various bottoms and tops that are available for women's bikinis and how to identify them.

String Bikini - String bikinis are more revealing than the average bikini in that there is only a string on your hips interconnecting 2 triangles that cover your front and backside. The top also consists of a string wrapping around your neck and back securing 2 triangles, one on either breast.

Micro Bikini - A micro bikini is a bikini that is designed in most cases to just barely cover the genitalia. The most revealing a bikini can get without showing nudity.

Tankini (pictured below) - A tankini is a bikini mixed with a tank top. It provides additional coverage usually between the hips a naval region. Recognizable by its tank top similarity and spaghetti straps over the shoulders, although sometimes they may be halter top.

Sling Bikini - Known by a variety of names, suspender bikini. slingshot bikini, etc It is actually a one piece. It provides as little cover as possible, similar to bikini bottoms although instead of wrapping around the hips they wrap up the front, covering the nipples, and around the neck, then returns down the back to become a thong.

Bandeau Bikini or Bandini - A bandeau style bikini top with no straps around the neck. Sometimes straps are available for added support of the bust. Some designs tie around one shoulder. This bikini can come in a large amount of variations.

Sports Bikini - a sports bikini typically has a little more spandex than the standard bikini as they need to be tight to the body to ensure they don't fall off or become knocked loose during physical activities such as beach volleyball.

Skirtini - Features a bikini top, with small skirted bottoms that offer additional coverage. Sometimes a matching frilly top will accompany the skirted bottoms.

Underwire A bikini with an underwire is typically for women with a larger bust or women who like the full cup support.

Halter Top - A bikini top that wraps around your neck and often ties, typically a little bit thicker for added support. They often feature added support around the bust in the form of an attractive band. They may also be high neck in which the fabric covering the bust will extend up towards the neckline.

Push Up Bikini - Very similar to a push-up bra, the top of a push-up bikini is meant to ensure the wearers bust is filling the cups. Typically they are very flattering.

Full Bottom - Full bottom bikini bottoms offer a good amount of coverage and are the highest choice for most women who are going to the beach or public pools.

Thong Bottom - Allows more skin to be shown on the back. Preferred swimsuit for women who want to really minimize tan lines

Brazillian Bottom - Popularized as cheeky bottoms, they have exploded in recent years and 2018 swimsuits are likely to be no different. Featuring a design similar to the thong bottoms although not quite as revealing and a little more flattering.

Hipster Bottom - Hipster bottoms are a mix on the back between full bottoms and Brazillian bottoms. These bikini bottoms are distinguished by their low-rise front and a level line across the top of the bottoms.

Scoop bottom -  Unlike hipster bottoms that have a level line around the hip,  a scoop bottom bikini will be slightly higher on the hips than on the front giving it an arcing appearance.

High Waist Bottom - A high waisted bikini in 2018 will feature bottoms that have fabric that extends up to or even past the navel. Ideal for women who don't like to show as much skin or who want the extra comfort and security knowing they won't slide off.

Boy Shorts - So named for their resemblance to men's briefs. They are often square cut and offer extra coverage on the back and hips. Popular among women who play water sports or summer sports, as they are often more secure than standard bikini bottoms.

Tie Side Bottom - A feature of a string bikini with two string ends to tie on either side of the hips.

Maternity Swimsuit - With the increase in water aerobics for pregnant women the advent of maternity swimsuits came about. Commonly they are a two-piece design with a somewhat loose under hanging fabric from the top to ensure you can wear it to term. They are very stretchy and even the one pieces are supposed to last to term.

Post Mastectomy Swimsuit - A swimsuit with removable pad cups to help women who went through the unfortunate even of mastectomy to wear a swimsuit without the worries they face with standard bathing suits.

Tan Through Suits - As the name suggests they are made of a fabric that the suns rays can penetrate but are not visibly transparent. Very popular among tanning enthusiast as it offers the greatest tanning coverage next to going nude.

Cover Up Skirts - Although not a swimsuit it is important to note that they are designed to cover up the bottoms and sometimes tops for the purpose of leaving the beach to attend a brunch or something alike.

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