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What is a Brand Ambassador?

So what is a brand ambassador?

A brand ambassador is someone who typically shares the same values of a particular brand. They will usually have a platform of influence like Instagram or Facebook where they will regularly boast about new products/offers from their favorite brand.

Ambassadors are often compensated for their efforts with free products, commissions and sometimes a salary.

Ultimately a brand ambassador is able to tell a brand's story from their unique viewpoint which helps the brand to connect with a larger audience.

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Docket Clothing Co. Brand Ambassadors

It's important for brand ambassadors to keep company values in mind when they are promoting. Here are some of our values at Docket Clothing as a street style fashion brand.

  • Passion for Street Style Fashion - Styles that represent the unique personalities of everyday women.
  • A sense of Excitement and Adventure - Curating the most exciting and adventurous street style looks from around the world.
  • Loyalty to Our Customers and Followers -  Giving our customers an easy and enjoyable shopping experience while providing them with high-quality products that they can feel great about.
  • Influencer Empowerment - We want to help aspiring influencers grow their audiences and learn skills that go beyond our company.

Here are some examples of how you can share these values.

Passion - As an ambassador, you would represent a passion for street style fashion by sharing content of your experiences while wearing your favorite street style look.

The types of content will vary, from telling a story about your day and how you felt, to the people you encountered throughout your walk in the streets. It's important to make genuine content that people can relate to.

Loyalty - Our ambassador would reciprocate our value of loyalty by providing their followers with honest opinions, experiences and creating realistic expectations. Giving great deals to your friends and followers is a good way to show your appreciation.

We expect our ambassadors to give us honest feedback about their experiences and how they think we can do better and improve. Ambassadors should also listen to their audiences and followers to hear what their concerns and opinions are.

Excitements and Adventure -  Being ambitious, active and enthusiastic while you create content will go a long way into gaining influence over your followers.

There is only so much a brand can do to relate to their followers but as an ambassador, you're out there living the life of the brand and people can easily relate to you and see themselves wearing a specific outfit or product.

Influencer Empowerment -  A core value of ours has always been to help our ambassadors grow.

There are huge opportunities with every social post, everytime you post a picture of yourself wearing our product you are promoting a lifestyle. Why not earn something for promoting that lifestyle? We want women to have the chance to do just that, so we provide them with an employee sized discount and offer them a platform in which they can monetize and hone their marketing skills as well as ambitions. 

What is a Brand Ambassador Social Media Brand Ambassador Street Style Fashion Brand Ambassador

Still Learning?

Our program also provides an intermediate space where small and aspiring influencers can learn and grow. We will provide you with ambassador pricing and offers, content to help you improve, and a trial period at earning commissions. If you do well you can keep earning commissions, if you still need some time to grow you can earn free products as an alternative until you are ready to go back to earning commissions.

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